About Artful Children ---- Artful Children, founded in l993, was created to provide community support through the arts. The support includes visual and tactile learning as a means to help students and families reach their maximum potential. This organization successfully uses hands on learning reinforced with visuals in order to help students access the auditory information available at school.
Starting in 2001, Artful Children has primarily redirected its focus to Northern California. However, free events are ongoing in Southern California, including the Westside Childrens Center fundraiser at Sony Studios.
Non-profits are the largest group providing employment in Humboldt County due to the amazing creative spirit of this area. Providing a comprehensive support system for artists of all ages has become a target area for the Artful Children. Included in this effort has been a community center summer 2006 partially sponsored by Southern Humboldt Working Together.
Many free events have been scheduled during the past fifteen years. Check our gallery for pictures of the four part event called the Healing Arts Series, jointly sponsored by California State University Northridge, Artful Children, and the J. Paul Getty Museum, which was scheduled immediately following the 9/11 attack. Four hundred artists of all ages participated in this series. This event highlighted the healing effects of creating art together through a multigenerational community event.
In Humboldt County ---- In 2008, Artful Children was in escrow to purchase a piece of property in Garberville which had been declared surplus by the school district. Together, Artful Children and the community rallied to save the 6000 square foot historic building.
Later in 2008, College of the Redwoods (CR) purchased the building and has conducted extensive renovations.
In 2013, CR approved leasing a portion of the building while holding back two state-approved classrooms for their use. The first two tenants with a lease agreement were the CommUNITY Charter School as well as the local theater group.

Congratulations to the Southern Humboldt community of creative thinkers.
The lease for two classrooms and a meeting room has been signed and scheduling of classes is in progress.
We are excited to host Life Drawing, Open Studio, various beginning classes for all ages, ceramics, family night mixed media, silk painting and much much more.


Dotti Russell (CEO), Robyn Prima Zang (Secretary), Graham Russell (Treasurer),
Alan Steinbach, Ricardo Melena, Nonae Sears, Laci Coelho.

Our board of directors brings to you the highest standards of excellence in areas of art, medicine, mathematics, communications, education and community outreach. We welcome all community members and honor diversity.